Sorry that we were't able to drop our interview with Omari Broussard we had a conflict in schedules but he has promised to do a live podcast with us on Tuesday August 7, 2018. More details to follow.

So instead we have a brand new format because I was feeling kind of surly today we are havint #FREEFORALLFRIDAY

Caution you will get my unedited, unaldulterated opinion on everything we discuss. This is not for the feint of heart. I hope you enjoy.

Here is what you get today...

Rant on 

Melania Trump's Spokesperson Fires Back at House Candidate Who Called the First Lady a 'Hoebag'


Cryptojacker Campaign Hits MikroTik Routers


FBI Warns Users to Reboot All SOHO Routers


Final word is a rant on SMB's not being the cause for the next target attack.


Caution... I will give you my unbiased opinion on Free for All Fridays. The feint of heart listen with caution. Don't worry you will hear exactly what I think... Thanks for listening - Tony DeGonia

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