Here are the 2 biggest IT priorities for boards of directors

As cybersecurity threats reach an all-time high, the 2018 KPMG/Harvey Nash CIO survey found that more companies plan to boost investments in data privacy and security.

 Increased security concerns are leading boards of directors to prioritize cybersecurity and compliance. The 2018 KPMG/Harvey Nash CIO survey reported that 23% more companies have upped their security focus from last year. The survey also found that focusing on managing operational risk and compliance was up 12% from last year.

Why your security camera footage could be at risk in a ransomware attack

There's more at risk during a ransomware attack than you think-images, videos, and other media could be targeted as well.

A March ransomware attack on the Atlanta Police Department is still being felt three months later as the department reveals it has irrevocably lost all its dashcam footage due to the incident.

The March incident affected not only the APD, but all of Atlanta's city government, resulting in the near paralysis of the city. Like many ransomware attacks in the past year, the one that targeted Atlanta, SamSam, relied on unpatched known vulnerabilities to wreak havoc.

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